Life Coaching Gold Package

Life Coaching Gold Package

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8 months

All That Shimmers is Gold.

The Gold package is for the person who has done it all, read it all, created a life that from the outside seems abundant but feels there is more. You have that feeling that even though life is good something is missing. You have an empty hole that everything you have already accomplished or purchased has not filled. You want more but cannot seem to realize what that more is. 

This package includes 1 in person, Skype or phone session per week of transformational energy therapy, hypnotherapy, past life regression, according to our availability and agreed schedule. is 10,000.00 paid in full or 12,000.00 in 2 payments with subscribe

paid by credit, check or cash.  We have Venmo and Paypal.

All scheduling will be done in agreement with Emalani. 

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