Emalani is a professional psychic medium who is naturally gifted in working with the spirit world. She is passionate about bringing more love, peace, happiness, connection and harmony to our world. Her authentic, compassionate, clear, and gentle approach has proven invaluable as she has helped countless of individuals and families work through the grief and healing associated with the loss of their loved ones. Her favorite part of Mediumship is experiencing the unique love and connection each spirit shares with the client. She truly believes it is a gift and honor to experience these connections.

Her work also provides help to break negative individual and or family relational patterns, allowing one to move into a healthier way of living. She also works with families who have a loved one in a coma, or those who have non-verbal and or autistic children, to bridge gaps in communication. One of her favorite classes teaches parents with autistic children to communicate through telepathy.

She has worked successfully on two criminal cases in Southern California, and has won many Inspiration awards, as well an award for generosity. She has appeared on the Visions of Inspiration cable show with Carolina Castorena and Blog Talk Radio with Al Diaz and recently Straight Talk For The Soul with Cari Murphy.

Emalani is a certified hypnotist, registered minister, Miracle Center Practitioner with training in Wise-Mind Healing using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Vibrational Healing, Ear Coning, and other Energy Therapies.