UFO siting

I want to share with you something that happened to me around 2008 or so. I was driving home from teaching a channeling class one night at The Learning Light Center in Anaheim Ca. It was late, around 11:30 when I suddenly heard my inner guidance tell me to get off the freeway on an offramp after my usual one. Back then, I listened to my guidance immediately as I was still in the belief that things could pass me by if I wasn't on high alert. I thought maybe I was being averted from an accident or being led to see something important. I was feeling tired though and I'm very grateful I listened.  I exited the freeway and drove up Culver Drive in Irvine where I was living at the time. I was stopped at a stop sign and a man in a white van was stopped next to me. The road was empty and dark and I spotted a big light shining over Saddleback Mountain. My first thought was it was a helicopter or a low flying plane but as it got closer I could hear a whirring sound coming from it. I looked at the man next to me and he looked at me as we both realized it was a round disc with multiple lights on the bottom portion of it coming really low right next to us. I rolled down my window at the same time he did and he shouted "it's the aliens" and I said "omg yes it is aliens." I have to tell you my background about extraterrestrials and UFOs since childhood. A really good, childhood friend of mine and I used to watch the skies for UFOs or oofos as we called them until we were adults, divorced and with kids. It was one of our favorite pastimes to sit in the backyard and have a bbq with wine tasting and oofo watching for hours. I know when I was very young I used to say to them "when will you come pick me up and bring me home?" and I never knew until later that I was serious about that. We used to laugh but I felt a small sadness when I would call out to them. Finally they were showing up on a dark October night, landing in the park across from the street from where I was sitting at the stop sign. It was a very small craft around 6x6 and it made my mind think it was someone's remote toy. My mind went crazy trying to come up with some rational answer and my eyes were searching the park for anyone who might own this toy. I made a u-turn at the stop light after the man in the white van sped off screaming about the aliens. I could see the craft hovering over the grass and I heard a sound but I felt an unusual peace inside of me. After I realized I was in the park alone, I asked my guidance if I should get out of my car and investigate. The answer I heard was "no, now you know." I felt a calm rush over me almost trance like and I slowly drove away. By the time I got to my apartment I was back to my excited self and called any friend who would pick up at 12:30 at night. I sat on my 3rd story balcony and waited for them to whiz by but that never happened. As I sat there, I remembered another time, when I was young, driving with my mom on the Pomona freeway, coming home from the fair when we saw something that looked like an airplane crashing. It was a fireball right in front of us but with no sound. After a minute my mom decided it was a UFO and my little sister started screaming. I felt we lost about two hours time then because when I woke up out of what felt like a trance, my sister was still screaming and had a bloody nose. My mom and I laughed about it and checked the news papers the next day to see if there was a plane crash but of course we found nothing. Later, much later in my life my mom confided in me that she had seen a UFO hovering over her back porch when she was pregnant with my brother, ten years before I was born. She said it scared her but she also said she knew they are real. The reason I shared this with you is to let you know these things are real and they do answer us when we ask. I'd like to say please don't be afraid because there are so many things in the universe we know nothing about but I do know that it wants to show things to you. It wants you to have your dreams fulfilled and that was a dream I had since early childhood. I've had so many other encounters since then and I will share them with you as I feel it. This is just one of those things I felt you needed to know right now as disclosure gets closer and closer and those who ask with an open heart will see what they ask for. 

Many blessings to you, 


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