Releasing The Little Angry Man Within Me

Now it came to pass that I magnetized an astrologer who was interested in a relationship with me over Facebook. Interesting enough was that I was the last to know that was his intention. My intention was to receive an astro-cartography reading from him because I have never been sure of where the best place for me to live has been. I did feel an attraction to him as well as we conversed of Skype. Everything happened so fast I remember at one point feeling as if I had no choice. Needless to say that over a period of three weeks he and I had a couple pretty volatile exchanges, he ended up telling me that I had an angry little man inside of me. My first thought was oh of course because here you are. I then went about searching for that angry little man within me in order to release it. I knew this to be true because everything in me felt it and my mind began showing me how I had been acting out this archetype in my relationships, especially with men. I had been totally cranky without explanation for three weeks prior and didn't have a valid reason for it other then I was going thru a big shift in my spirituality. In writing this right now I am guided back to a reading I gave today to a realtor who needed to understand that his job was a very important career to have because he was being used by spirit to help people find the perfect dwelling that matches their holy temple, the body. Upon hearing this he felt so relieved, especially because he was entering a nursing program which I felt was totally wrong for him. He had been very hurt deep within himself by his family for their non-appreciation of his ability to sell houses and bring home a six figure income and had decided that nursing was his next best career in helping others and making a decent living. He also felt that real estate was his first passion and would love to return to it in order to further help others and stay on his path. As I began reading him I saw a picture of him in his mother’s womb and felt strong feelings of fear, sadness and resentment. I began to reveal to him that his trouble began way back in his mother’s womb when she was very unhappy regarding the marriage to his father. He immediately began to weep in the remembrance of his feelings as a newly forming child and his mother’s struggle in her life. My client affirmed that his mother indeed did not want to marry his father as she was forced into an arranged marriage and had much resentment because she loved another man whom she had to give up in order to please her family. These facts prompted me to explain to him that none of it was about him but that he had absorbed his mother’s feelings, her fears and her resentments which then were being played out in his life thru his energy which magnetized to him a family who rejected his provision and initially to a woman whom he really did not love but resented as well. Our conversation covered all aspects of this type of energy entanglement and the way it plays itself out from generation to generation if not examined and released. As he reminisced over his journey with a mother and father he began to see how it all made sense and how it became his journey, never really knowing or living from his true, individual nature. I began reiki energy healing on him at this point to release any energy bonds he had to his mother while instructing him to forgive her which helps relieve the bonds he had formed while he was growing within her womb and also while forming judgments about her love for him or his being not lovable or not wanted. Interestingly enough, our energy as human beings knows the truth. Our spirits know we are lovable and loved so when we are betrayed or we betray ourselves with the non truth that we aren’t loved, it begins to bring upon us great sadness which plays out in our lives as depression, anger, aggression, addictions and many other psychosis depending on our personalities. It then begins to become like a river through out our family line which is destructive somewhat like the saying in the bible that the sins of the father will follow each generation for 7 generations and seven after that. I realize in my practice that this is what many people of my clients generation are doing. Releasing energy from themselves in order to bring peace to their children which will eventually bring peace to the world. There are many volunteers at this time returning to earth to do just that. I see them daily and feel a great affinity to them and a joy in my heart that I am a part of their journey. I have noticed in my own healing how I am presented with my own imbalance through some means right before I am to help another rid themselves of theirs as a collective consciousness working together to shift our energy. I’m happy to report that this particular client wrote to me stating he did not realize life could feel so light. I am amazed everyday at the work of the holy spirit of God and the love given freely to this who desire it. Watch for it as it comes to you in many different ways and ways that suit your personality as God loves you deeply.

~Emalani~ 2017

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