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Recently I have been asked to advise several clients regarding cheating. In the past this topic has made me cringe because as a reader you desire to be as accurate as possible in affairs of the heart. My study in The Course in Miracles has brought to my awareness the suffering we can experience when we attach ourselves to anything and anyone more than to the Holy Spirit. Cheating is a symptom of the unaware searching to fill a hole with something or someone outside of themselves. It is not about the person being cheated upon. Or is it? Everything is a mirror to our own experience and if we have not fully realized that we are a spirit one with the Holy Spirit then everything we do is to fill up the God sized hole exactly how the cheater is by cheating. We are cheating on ourselves with people, places and things and especially experiences like fighting over right and wrong etc. Cheating is the ego mind's way of distracting all parties involved with worry. The cheater worries he/ she will get caught. The person being cheated on worries that he/she is not lovable or is being lied to and a much longer list of worries. The person cheating with the cheater also worries about whether they are truly loved, will get caught, will they be alone during important times, etc.? It becomes one big experience of separation that can only be healed by the one inquiring, releasing the need to be right, to be the only one and by releasing attachments to the cheater and returning their focus to God. Cheaters usually return to the cheated on once they realize the new prize has not filled up the hole that even the cheated on cannot fill. It's one giant ego fest of desire that never brings peace. The Course in Miracles states " The Holy Spirit will help you reinterpret everything that you perceive as fearful, and teach you that only what is loving is true." As a reader it is my job to let spirit interpret the truth and heal the mis-thoughts about cheating through me. Cheating is the ego's way of distracting everyone involved and therefore means nothing. Freedom of attachment brings peace and peace fills the hole with Love that the heart longs for. It's the only answer to true healing.

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