Mysterious Things Can Happen to Anyone

This has to be one of the most major events in my life to date and I'm very excited to share it with you.

A long time ago I was a very devout Christian. I was a baby born again coming from Catholic school and working in the medical department of a jail in Orange County, California. I had one baby son and was newly divorced so needless to say I was needing major help. 

One afternoon my friend and I met to attend a Harvest Festival a pastor held every year for people seeking to become christian. I should back track a little and say even then I was very psychic but I didn't realize what it meant in the christian world other than I was an abomination to God. Funny as I'm writing this I'm hearing that the bible doesn't say that psychism is the abomination but that the psychic herself is an abomination. Hmm...deep. In fact I just listened to a prominent medium talking about her release of spiritualism in order to become a christian because she didn't want to be an abomination to the Lord. Wow..I'm so happy to have you as an audience to write this out to because I don't know about you but I'm having such amazing realizations in this platform. OK friend and I decided to meet at McDonalds for the BIG event before the Harvest as most christianity at this level offers mega connection to others and many events to attend and bring friend's and family to Christ and not be damned to hell. I'm laughing writing this. Ok, I was only 23. We were sitting in McDonalds when I had the feeling come over me that happens right before I hear my guidance. That warm, tingly, deep in the pit of your gut, listen up kind of feeling. Back then I would even hear where to sit and which way to face. I was in total surrender to service to God. I was sitting facing who I thought was a homeless man. Very dirty and looked like it had been his lifestyle for a very long time. I then heard the words and when I say heard, I mean I felt, saw pictures in my head and audibly heard all at once the voice say to me "would you?" I thought but knew I wanted to make a difference, especially when my primary goal was to harvest souls to christ. I silently said yes and asked what was needed. The voice said, "tell me." I said well..he is being given money and food and then it dawned on me and I wanted to back out right then. My legs began shaking and my knees knocking I was so afraid. Back then I was very timid and shy around people and really didn't know my place in the world. Most likely because I was super psychic with no one to share it with and also hiding it from the church. It's funny to think back to those days when I begged God to take my gifts from me so that I wouldn't go to hell. 

I knew what the voice was asking me to do so I told my friend Debbie to please be patient because there was something I needed to do and I walked over to him and introduced myself. Low and behold he was a woman with the same name as my mother. I asked her if she would like to attend the festival with me and of course she accepted. Oh dear God I was afraid. Terrified but a good servant and willing to entertain angels unawares. I introduced her to my friend and then told Debbie to not lose me as we drove over to the fair. Debbie was in her car and me mine with Margaret in tow. All we needed to do was get on the on ramp and get off at the next exit. I had told Debbie not to lose me as I was afraid. How could she? right? She was right in front of me and all of a sudden her car disappears. Seriously I thought? I then became really afraid and got into the parking lot and no Debbie. No little white car, no friend and not answering her cellphone. Those little flip phones even. For God's sakes, I thought and sat in the car with Margaret calling Debbie for at least 20 minutes until I realized it was time to go in or risk her not accepting Jesus and going to hell. Oh my beautiful, innocent heart. Big hug to myself for risking it all for my beliefs. That reminds me...before I left home, I heard to pick up an extra 60.00 from the bank. it's a very important part. 

As we walked into the event, people were pointing and laughing at me for bringing Margaret. I felt a little embarrassed but was inwardly proud I had followed my guidance. Hmmph, I thought..I'll show them. Ha! We got to our seats and surrounding people moved away from us mainly because of the smell of urine and dirt. So we chatted a little before the music began.  Well after about half an hour she fell asleep. I gently laid her head on my shoulder fearful she wouldn't go up to be saved. She missed everything and my mind was racing telling God how sorry I was and how I didn't do my job. I was a mess. I would raise my shoulder a little so she wouldn't miss the calling to come up and receive. She finally woke up and I said to her "well we missed it" and she said she had been here in 1979 with Billy Graham. I thought "WHAT? Am I being tricked here?" I had a little rant in my head to God and finally calmed down after about 5 minutes. I asked Margaret if I could take her somewhere the whole time dreading that it was night time and I had no idea what was happening. My plan had failed. Oh but I had the extra money so I asked her if I could take her to a hotel nearby. She accepted but of course she wanted to go to a hotel that was in an industrial area. Oh God please help me, angels please protect me I prayed. 

We entered my car and something happened. She turned to me and her eyes changed from brown to a very light electric blue and the atmosphere in the car lifted as if we entered another dimension. All fear left me as she began to tell me about myself and how she wished other christians were more like me and that I was going to do great things. I actually don't remember much after that except that I kept hearing the words the lamb in my head over and over again. After some time she asked me if I would walk her to her room and I said yes as in a trance. She mentioned how thirsty she was and seriously in my head I thought, " I just spent 60.00 for a room I'm not buying her a Pepsi." I kid you not and until this day I regret that moment of ego. I was in lack as a single mother and living by the seat of my pants and spending every single spare dime on my christianity trying to be a good girl and win the good fight. 

We got to her room and at this point I was so elevated I was thinking of her as a him again but an angel or Jesus but definitely a male. He asked me into his room and I accepted. We stood near the door as he told me more about my life and things I cannot remember. It was time to leave and he asked if he could hug me and as we did, the whole room turned golden, filled with light and I wept in his arms. I left in a trance and cried for three days after. I went back to look for him but to no avail. I wanted more contact with him. I could have stayed in his arms forever. I softened because of his love. My heart broke open that day and the passage in the bible to entertain strangers for you might be entertaining angels unawares was made true for me.

You are my angels and I love to entertain you always. I pray blessings upon you as you navigate your spirituality. Thank you for being a part of my journey, 

Lovingly, Emalani

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  • Karen

    Omg!!! Thank you so much for your story. I would have done the same thing, not because I had to but because it’s in my giving that I feel most alive.

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