Making a Decision During a Difficult Time. God Always Shows Up.

For sixteen years I had a little dog named Lily and she was extraordinary. Not because she was my little dog but she was just one of those animals that touches your soul and teaches you to believe. She was a cute mix of dachshund and miniature poodle with dark hair and deep, brown, button eyes. She could speak english and learn any trick I taught her. She was my pal, my mini me. I also had Harley her litter mate who was equally great and taught me how to be loving, but Lily was a bundle of feisty love. 

On a tragic day of the first anniversary of my father's death, one of my rescue animals Sammi was shot and I had to put her down. I was so down as I didn't deal with my dad's death so easily and ran away to Texas into a relationship that was not working out. After the vet visit with Sammi, I decided to go to Walmart to pick up a few things and as I was walking into the store I hear a whispered hey..hey. Do you want a puppy? So I looked and there were two cute little balls of fur staring at me. The lady then said I could have them for free if I took them both. I knew it was my dad. I knew he was loving me from beyond, doubly so. I picked them up put them inside my sweatshirt and proceeded to shop. "Thanks Dad" I thought. They stayed in my shirt for the rest of the day and half their lives and of course I picked up everything they needed at Walmart. I felt so blessed and happy like a new mother. I raised them with the sense that animals need to be part wild and part domesticated and Lily loved it. I would take them for hikes in the woods  and in the creeks and rivers and feed them as natural as I could. Lily had a pure sense of adventure and she loved to swim/hike in creeks. She always wanted to keep up with me and do whatever I did. Harley preferred living in my shirt if any water was involved so I always had a sweatshirt for his sling so he was close to my heart while Lily and I conquered the world together. I just fell in love with them and they with me. 

One day they were leashed into my convertible Mustang as Lily was a wild animal and would jump and chase at anything she could. I was at my friend's house and I asked her boyfriend to please not open the door of the car and he did anyway. Of course Lily shot out of the car and into the garage where I was standing and her leash got caught under the tire of a car that was parked there. She was running full force and it snapped her neck so hard that she seemed to be dead. She was only two years old at the time and I wasn't ready to lose her so I picked her up and I prayed "please Jesus bring Lily back to me, please heal her, I'm not ready to lose her." She immediately took a breath and had a seizure which she had the rest of her sixteen years of life. She was my miracle baby but mostly she was my friend's miracle dog. He could not believe what happened and I'm sure he was touched deep in his belief that day. Prayer always works when you believe in the power of who you are asking. It's funny how there are some things that we pray for that either never show up or come much later but I believe the innocence of the prayer I prayed was what made it manifest instantly. I knew I could not handle another death so soon and I didn't even hesitate to ask.  After that the three of us had a marvelous life together. I don't think I've ever loved an animal as much. One night she saved my life from an intruder by standing on my back in bed and holding me down growling until the coast was clear. There are so many stories I could tell about this little dog and what she taught me but the main thing she taught me was how to believe that God answers prayer. 

The day Lily died she had a seizure when I was in the shower. I knew she was dying because she was limp from the waist up and breathing slowly. I had always been able to talk her out of a seizure but this time I knew it was over. I held her soft little body in my arms until she passed. She was so soft like a little rabbit with her bouffant hair and shaved tail. She was so fun to groom. After she was fully gone and I let Harley say goodbye I held her and cried to God about what I should do with her little body. Should I take her to be cremated or bury her in the yard? In one prayer I asked God "please show me where she belongs now?" Just at that moment I looked up and a mother deer with her new baby were standing right where I felt I should bury her. The mother looked at me like she knew and I felt a magical connection to God through the natural world instantly. It was Lily's parting gift. Her full name was Lilith Sent From Heaven and she was. 

I pray that you connect to the natural world to find peace and oneness in whatever way it comes to you and that you remember to ask whole heartedly for everything that you desire. 

Remain blessed always, 


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