Images, Addiction and The Golden Calf

Since the beginning of time we have been led by images, labeling everything we see as good or bad, dark or light, etc. Tall is good, short is bad even beauty gives those who seemingly have it an advantage to be married or paid well, have status and we have a billion dollar industry helping those who feel they need it. It comes in so many forms we have no idea that we can be totally living without the presence of who we truly are because we are living what we are told we are. The spiritual journey is one of awakening to our authentic selves thru the release of that which is not ourselves. I recently had the experience of being sought after as someone's image of who I was rather than a real person with true feelings. This is where addiction came to teach me about it's nature. My friend was totally addicted to porn and sex, so I thought. I was very uncomfortable being his desire rather than a person he could love and cherish and experience in so many ways. I decided this was worth diving deeply into thru meditation. I spent 3 days listening and releasing any judgments I had so that I could see clearly what I was being shown exactly. This was someone I held dear to me so I felt I needed to really release whatever was off balance. As a matter of fact I was studying the teaching in A Course of Miracles about special relationships simultaneously. Everything is always perfect in the Universe. I had to dig deep to reveal what had magnetized this person to me first and I found that I give off a certain vibe that attracts sexuality. A few weeks earlier an astrologer came to me for a reading and said that I embody a lot of Venus energy. This came to my mind and showed me where my relationships were not exactly how I desired them.

I was driving and a download came to me about how we are led by images throughout almost everything. Women and men are sexualized, advertising promises we will be happy if we look, eat, perform etc. in many many ways. I realized we make billions of dollars in plastic surgery alone just because we desire to be a certain image to bring what we believe will make us happy. This is the basis of addiction. My friend was not addicted to sex or porn  but to images that he made a meaning to. If we see images and do not define them we do not become addicted or separated from the truth of who we are but if we identify them and then attach a feeling to them we hide our true selves in them. We deny love to ourselves and we forget that we are Love itself. The images become a golden calf and the truth of who we are it's sacrifice. Gary Renard's book The Disappearance of The Universe states that women can be taught that they are not women. We are temples of the Holy Spirit of God and that this would change the course of the world. It's true of all of us, men and women. We are all beautiful, authentic spirits coming back together as One. Many people feel we are addicted to substances etc. but really our minds are trying to identify with something that cannot love us but only separate us. We can release all meaning to the images that we see, we Must release the meanings to images that we see in order to experience the real truth. To experience God as it truly is. This is why we are here in a human body so we can realize that we are spirits in a vehicle that does not need anything to be free.

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