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 Encounter with a Tree

As a medium I have experienced things moving, going bump in the night as well as hearing angel wings flapping over my head and this one encounter with a tree has been a favorite experience of mine and I wanted to share it with you and also let you know it is possible for you too. 

On a very hot, summer day a friend of mine and I decided to go hiking in Topanga Canyon very close to Los Angeles. I lived in North Hollywood at the time and it was a local spot for exploring nature. My friend had been having trouble in a relationship and wanted me to channel her boyfriend to see why he wasn't committing to her. It's always good to have a willing medium as friend. We found a sweet place to hike and I wanted to find a shady place to channel. Somewhere quiet, secluded and comfortable to sit. I mentally put my order in for the perfect spot and after about a mile we came upon two rocks facing one another with the sun streaming down like the universe was pointing with light saying "right here". There was not one breeze that day in August. As I began my usual breathing to connect with the spirit of the man I was going to channel something amazing happened. The tree literally bent down and began brushing a branch against my shoulder as if to give me a hug. I felt warmth throughout my body and a magical feeling came over me as if I was in another dimension and I felt a stillness that was not my own. The heat of the day and the bothersome dust disappeared at once.  I said to my friend " Do you see this?" We remained still for about 5 minutes, never even thinking about reaching for a camera to record what was happening,  until it stopped and returned to it's normal tree position. I was beyond astounded having had a previous tree encounter which I will write about soon. I cant wait to share that with you as well. I've also had an obsession with trees since childhood, drawing them whenever I had a chance. My poor mom couldn't keep me out of the neighbor's tree in which I of course, fell out and broke my elbow. Trees have always been my friends and will always enchant me but this one...this lovely tree friend, gave me a whole new insight. There was nothing special about it except that it could hug me without a breeze in sight. My darling tree friend reminded us that we were loved and that there was more under the sun than a boy who wouldn't reciprocate love given. Hell..the tree was loving us. what else does one need? So in my way and in my beautiful tree friend's way I want you to know that love comes in many shapes and sizes and ways beyond your imagination if one allows. I hope this finds you feeling loved, inspired and appreciated. Nothing like a little bit of wander lust in a time of lock down and if you can't leave your house, your imagination is full of encounters waiting to happen. 

In love, 


Psychic Medium, childhood friend

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