Coaching to Release Grievances And Live In Joy

Many of my clients come to me with a desire to live peacefully and joyfully but have a mind filled with grievances. This is duality and is evidence that there is not enough room or spiritual awareness to live in joy. Joy comes from a guilt free mind. A mind connected to Love itself. In The Course In Miracles it states that grievances hide the light of the world in you. It says that as you hold grievance against your brother, you are both in darkness and as the veil of your grievance is lifted, you are released with him. Releasing grievances does not mean that you are a door mat or victim. It actually means that in God's world victimhood does not even exist therefore no one can harm that which is light. The true you is the light of the world and you cannot be harmed by anyone, not even your own mind can store any wrong against you that is valid. One way I lead my clients into the light of who they are is to have them realize what grievances they hold onto and have them release them. Then we see the light in each and everyone that has touched our lives as teachers and make space for awareness of our own light to shine brightly which always brings peace and joy. People marvel at how innocent children sleep "like babies" and using these methods, you too can sleep with an innocent mind which always magnetizes more abundance, peace and joy. I use techniques such as visualization and hypnosis to bring about the awareness of light in my clients giving them the experience of connectedness with their true selves. My favorite part of coaching is witnessing the light turn on within my clients. The light cannot be taken away from you because that is your natural state and living from this place brings about the dreams you desire.

with Love for all,


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