Blessing of the Apricot Tree

I was very fortunate to have parents who loved to garden.  In the yard, we had many fruit trees including peach, pomegranate, apple, avocado and apricot.  I loved to sit and eat the fruits right off the tree, washing them with the hose which almost no one would do these days. I can still smell the plastic of the hose and taste a little bit of that metal nozzle and the cool water in my mouth. I miss that actually and the feeling of freedom I had back then. Almost twenty years later I was visiting my mother in that same house and she had decided to purchase a baby apricot tree  because she made the best apricot pineapple jelly anywhere. We used to fight over the jars and couldn't wait for apricot season. We went to our local Home Depot to purchase her tree and I offered to plant it for her as my dad had passed and she couldn't do it on her own. I wouldn't tell you this part but it was such a magical experience from the beginning. As we looked around in Home Depot a female worker came up to me and asked me if she could help me and I told her what I was looking for. She guided me to the apricot trees and showed me a very nice tree. It was about 59.00 but for some reason she decided to offer me a sale price and then her discount which ended up with us paying 17.99 for the tree. I was so happy as I was practicing my manifestation skills and thrilled to have my mom witness how that works. Of course we went home and planted the little tree and I left. A couple months later when I was learning about fairies and elementals I did a meditation and then went to visit my mother again. While at her home I heard the fairies tell me they had left a gift for me in my hanging strawberry plant in the back yard. I could hardly get out back fast enough. In one of the potted plants I found a blue and clear orb that seemed like a crystal but was slightly porous. I heard in my intuition to keep it in my pocket and when I was finished with the energy it would dissolve and so it did 2 years later. I was going to take my son and his friends to the beach that day and as we were getting ready I received a telepathic message in a picture to pick a pomegranate and walk with it in my hands open like a gift and lay it down in front of the apricot tree as an offering. I was told I would receive a blessing. I felt a tingling and sort of trance like state coming on as I walked. I laid the pomegranate down and all of a sudden I felt as though my feet sunk into the ground to my ankles. After about ten minutes I heard "now you are grounded into the earth." "Now go and share your experience with the children by eating this fruit." I saw us all getting a segment of the pomegranate and eating it.  At first I didn't want to leave the space but it released me and I came out of the trance as my son was calling me to get going. We arrived at the beach and when we were all tired and ready for lunch, I opened the pomegranate and shared it with them. We talked about how cool nature is and how much fun it is to swim and sun and how good it is to be able to go to the ocean that was so close to us. It was a very magical day and I couldn't help beam with pride and wonder what type of blessing each child would receive from our blessed fruit. I used to struggle with being afraid to share what messages I received and worry about what people would think of me when I told them what happened to me on a daily basis but I had to heal that within me to be able to show my clients the way of open communication with the Universe and I pray that everyone reading this overcomes that fear and we can become great story tellers once again, rejoicing in what we experience when we open up and follow. I wish you great blessings with signs and guidance and fun.

Be blessed, 


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