Living A Guilt Free Life

The Course In Miracles states that guilt blocks our reception to hearing the voice of God. It states that "In Heaven there is no guilt, because the kingdom of heaven is attained through the Atonement, which releases you to create." It says that what we have "made"(though the ego mind or wrong mindedness)  rather than "created" is undone by The Holy Spirit, the blessed residue is restored and therefore continues in creation. Meaning that you are once again unleashed to create that which is unshakable in your life because there is no more guilt of separation. The separation comes only from our minds as a loving God would never separate from His beloved creation. Guilt is always disruptive and only comes from the ego mind therefore the minute we give up judging ourselves and others we are free to create anything we desire. We desire peace, joy and love when we are in our right mind and that may or may not include physical things in this life such as a new car, better job, the love of our lives etc. If we do live in right mindedness it may very well include all of those things but we can rest assured that what we truly desire will be given to us. That's a promise we can take to the bank because God loves us and desires us to live as One with Him. " if the ego is a symbol of the separation, it is also the symbol of guilt." " The guiltless mind cannot suffer." This means that no matter what you have done, not done, think of doing, you are still loved. That the physical world has no bearing on the gifts of God because God does not judge this world and therefore you can be free of guilt and live the life you desire at all times. Let go of the ego mind who judges you and keeps you feeling separate and you will begin to see the creations you desire.


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