Premiere Mediumship Reading Package

Premiere Mediumship Reading Package

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Back by popular demand, Emalani is once again offering mediumship sessions and group sessions.

Are you struggling with underlying emotions that are making you angry every day and you know that if you could have talked to your loved one before they passed it would be healed? 

People who work with me best are confused by why they were treated poorly and struggle with self worth, repeating patterns of abuse and addictions. If you are feeling guilty that you should have done better, angry over being emotionally wounded when you were very young, or ashamed of things you have done to retaliate , let me help you. I know because it happened to me. I help people who feel shame, guilt and anger over abusive family relationships with people who have passed over. I connect them with you so you can forgive , learn the soul lessons and this will transform you to becoming your best, true self.

 This is a 4 one hour session package on phone, in person, Skype or Zoom.

Mediumship is the connection by the medium to passed over loved ones including animals for the purpose of healing grief. 

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